I have made some things, you can look at them here. I am primarily active in the toki pona community. I also have some other interests.

I am most easily reached on Discord via the username Raacz106#5873.

Accounts on other platforms: Youtube/ma Seka/Mastodon/Reddit

This website is hosted on neocities. The background image was initially made by kulupu lintukamakaki, I made the modification of inverting the colour palet and blurring it here and there. The theme is 'rose' from Eggramen, with some changes here and there by me.

- lipu sina li kepeken toki pona ala tan seme a?! sina nasa mute anu seme? kin, mi ken ala lukin e ijo pi toki pona lon lipu sina. taso mi ken lukin e ijo pi toki Inli. tan seme a?!

O SONA E NI: MI WILE ALA IKE. tenpo kama la mi pali e lipu pi toki pona taso. taso tenpo ni la mi wile wawa e ken sitelen mi pi toki Inli tan ni: mi o sitelen mute kepeken toki Inli lon tomo sona. tenpo kama la mi toki pona. o awen a.

I really don't know how websites are made or anything so sorry if it looks ugly.